Find you Safe Place in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Safe Places Scheme is for people who may need more help and support to feel safe.

Use this map to find a Safe Place near you

Safe Places is a scheme linking individuals to businesses in their community which offer a ‘safe place’ should they need it.

It is available to people with learning disabilities or mental health difficulties. Businesses and organisations sign up to the scheme and become a registered Safe Place, displaying a sticker in their door or window so people can see it.

Individuals who feel they need it can sign up. They then carry a card or wristband with a number for a Safe Places call centre, meaning a friend or family member can then be contacted to come and give the support needed.

The initiative in North Yorkshire is a partnership between the County Council and North Yorkshire Police.

Members of the scheme carry a ‘keep safe’ card and may have a wristband. On the card there is a call centre number that can be contacted by the safe place to check the person’s details. The call centre will then contact the person’s responders to make sure someone who knows them the best can come to take them home.

The safe place will make sure that the person is safe and feels comfortable until their responder is able to attend.

To find out more about safe places, telephone 03307 260260 or email: