Self-harm in Adults consultation opportunity

The Yorkshire and the Humber Self Harm in Adults study will soon be starting. We will be interviewing people with lived experience of self harm to find out more about their experiences and what has helped or hindered them in protecting their personal mental health and wellbeing – this might include accessing support, their environment, employment and volunteering opportunities, community  or personal activities and social connections.

The aim is to understand and learn from experiences to drive sector led improvement work and inform priorities for suicide prevention plans.

We are keen to find people to offer a lay perspective on:

* how we find and approach potential participants, how they are informed about the study and by whom.
* Ensure the information sheet / study documentation is useful, clear and appropriately written 

This will involve a one off phone / video call, together with reading some of the documents.

Longer term, we are seeking to form a panel of lay people to join the planning / steering meetings for the study, some of the members should have lived experience of self harm. This would be a commitment of 3-5 meetings over 10 months. The panel would mean that panel members could support each other through the study.

We have funding to support those contributing their time.

If you are interested, please contact Vyv Huddy at