Towards a suicide-safer internet

A national inquiry into suicides by young people in England found that in 26% of deaths in under 20s, and in 13% of deaths in 20-24 year olds, the internet had been used in a way that was related to suicide; with 13% searching the internet for information on a suicide method, 4% visiting websites that encouraged suicide and 10% communicating suicidal ideas or intent online amongst the under 20 age group.

Across the UK, governments are committed to reducing deaths by suicide.

This report sets out what the Samaritans like to see from new legislation and hope it provides the impetus for action now that will help to save lives now and in the future.

Be Social, Be Well is a strategy developed which aims to tackle loneliness and social isolation in North Yorkshire.

Based on an extensive review of existing literature and research, Be Social, Be Well includes a number of personal stories demonstrating loneliness as lived by people in the county, and a focus on some of the many services available across North Yorkshire which can reduce or prevent loneliness and isolation.

New Strategy from Mind

The focus of this new strategy is on supporting the people disproportionately affected by mental health issues. People from racialised communities, young people, and people living in poverty.

House of Commons Suicide Prevention: Policy and Strategy April 2021

This paper set out suicide prevention policies in England.

Real time surveillance data in lockdown

Using data from real time surveillance (RTS) systems in areas covering a total population of around 13 million, research finds that suicide rates in England did not rise following the first national lockdown in 2020 despite higher levels of greater distress. It is vital to note these are early figures and there may be increases in suicides in some populations or geographical areas. There is still concern about the longer-term effects of the pandemic, particularly economic stresses

Suicide Prevention Resource Map

Suicide Prevention Resource Map developed in partnership with the NHS Benchmarking Network. This map enables you to gain a more in-depth picture of your community, including over a 100 different health, social and service related factors that contribute to people dying by suicide.

National Dashboards

National Dashboards draw together key information on suicide rates and related factors for each country within the UK. 

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